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About us

Hello and welcome to the Studio Equity

We are the leading organisation in the United States and provide funding for filmmakers, music production, social medial influencer, cinema and the moving picture, as well as a cultural charity and a distributor for the National Lottery.

We aim to innovate, share and innovate again.

Our Mission

  • To encourage creative expression and be an active participant in the search for the next generation of US storytellers
  • To make use of our expertise in order to educate the public, therefore increasing their enjoyment of cinema and comprehension of moving images;
  • We mainly provide funding for filmmakers, music production, social medial influencer
  • To cultivate and maintain the Studio Equity Archive, which is the most extensive film and television archive in the world.
  • To collaborate with the government and industry in order to support the sustained development of the screen industries in the US.
  • To provide access to the broadest possible spectrum of moving picture culture from the United States and throughout the world via our many programmes and events, both online and in physical locations.