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Development Fund

The studio equity Development Fund gives money to assist original live-action, new media, and animation feature filmmaking, from treatments to production-ready scripts.

We assist teams around the US to establish viable proposals so they may seek other production funding.

Our primary concerns about finance

Work that: is created by filmmakers who are in the early phases of their careers; has cultural significance or progressive ideas; takes chances in both form and substance; is given priority by our organization

Acknowledges the value of unique perspectives, abilities, and opportunities for recruiting

Films from areas other than London and South East England were the ones who came up with the idea.

What it is that you are required to offer

On the application form, you will be asked to give the following information:

  • Structure, plot, and recurring ideas
  • Work that has been done before by the author, the producer, and maybe the director as well
  • Explanations of the thinking behind the project, preferably coming from the author or the director.
  • Information pertaining to the target demographic of your appeals
  • Thoughts on casting, whether it is relevant, and how you intend to handle the casting of that role
  • Provide some ballpark figures about when and where you’d want to start shooting.
  • Information on any existing or possible financial partners involved in the project, as well as any expenses incurred to date
  • The budget that you expect to need in order to develop the idea and have it created, including the amount that you are asking from Studio Equity.
  • A preliminary calculation of the overall budget for the production
  • Any peculiar or difficult needs in terms of either the technical or financial plan that you anticipate.

Apply for funding

If this is your first application, please create an account at Studio Equity. Applications are accepted all year round.

Our resources consist of the results of applications and comments

Due to the incredibly competitive nature of our financing, we are often forced to decline projects, even when they match some or all of the criteria that we have outlined in our mission statement. This means that we are forced to make very tough choices. We are forced to reject more than seven out of every ten ideas that are looking for money for development, and eight out of every ten initiatives are looking for funding for production. We will do all in our power to ensure that the application process is as open and honest as possible. We are unable to offer input on projects that have been refused as a consequence of the number of applications that we receive since we do not have the capacity to do so.