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Funds for Social Media Influencers

Studio Equity offers financial support for the creation and production of films and television shows. This support extends to international co-productions as well as completion financing.
The vast majority of our funds will continue to have full access during COVID-19.

We have made it our mission to assist the independent industry during the epidemic and to make certain that it will be able to recover and prosper once the situation has stabilised.

Studio Equity Fund for social media influencers gives out grants funded by the Lottery to storytellers who have a daring vision and succeed in their creative work. These grants may be used to support original live-action, new media, or animation feature films.

Our partner, is in charge of administering the Lottery money for documentaries, while Studio Equity is in charge of administering the Lottery funding for short films.

Objectives and Scope of the Project

In the real world, identifying “community representatives” and community stakeholders often comes after significant mapping and evaluation as well as open selection procedures. These mapping techniques try to identify stakeholders from across the many aspects of a community, with the goal of identifying focus locations that represent the most disadvantaged groups possible.

It is common practice to provide community stakeholders with help in the form of capacity and skill development, as well as to provide them with “toolkits,” in order to assist them with their community involvement. During training, themes such as protection, referral, and particular topics (such as public health and education) are often covered; in addition, regular refresher training sessions are held.

What it is that you are required to offer

You need to hand in the following, together with a filled-out application form:

  • Studio Equity provides funds for social media influencers for the production of their content.
  • A production budget that is common for the industry; for instance, utilising Movie Magic a production schedule that is usual for the industry
  • A financial strategy that has been submitted and is compatible with the budget
  • Please establish an account if this is your first time applying for this position.
  • Applications are accepted at any time throughout the year.
  • Applications are accepted at any time throughout the year.